For more than 40 years, Hydraulik Schwerin has been known for its outstanding expertise in valve manifold production and unit manufacture. Thanks to its high degree of vertical integration and innovation, the company and its roughly 120 employees are among the leading suppliers of stationary hydraulics. Its three business divisions – valve manifold production, unit manufacture and service – are the foundation of Hydraulik Schwerin and also determine the dynamics of future business development. State-of-the-art machinery, the continuous optimization of manufacturing technologies and permanent training of its employees ensure that the company can produce valve manifolds based on its own design and according to customer drawings with the highest possible quality. Valve manifolds are also used in hydraulic units that are designed and manufactured based on customer requirements.


Customized valve manifolds for complex hydraulic systems

From component production to volume production, Hydraulik Schwerin specializes in hydraulic valve manifolds. Its portfolio includes products weighing up to 9.5 metric tons a piece and having an edge length of 2,400 millimeters. In addition, complex components can be manufactured, and machining of more than six sides is also possible. The company also has manifolds, adapter, blind and intermediate measurement plates in stock at any time in order to quickly meet the increased requirements for valve technology.

Unit manufacture: Experts in stationary hydraulics

Diverse applications require flexible solutions. That is why Hydraulik Schwerin designs hydraulic units for stationary use with components such as pumps, motors and valve technology from all major manufacturers. During project planning, design and production, our main focus is always on our customers’ specific requirements.

Added value through service

Hydraulik Schwerin is committed to being a long-term partner on equal footing, a commitment that is fulfilled by expanding its service expertise. Services offered include work on oil hydraulic systems such as preventive equipment inspections, equipment optimization, failure analysis and maintenance work. In addition, the company offers lab-based oil analyses, refueling service, mobile bypass filtration, general technical support as well as the repair of oil-hydraulic components of any brand, such as pumps, motors, cylinders and valves.


Precision and quality from the first development approach to final assembly

Excellent service from the first development approach all the way to final assembly – that is Hydraulik Schwerin’s policy. Precision and the highest quality are the trademarks of its valve manifolds and hydraulic units. This is made possible by completing every single operation in-house. This ensures faster communication, production from a single source and short production times. It does not matter whether it is subcontracting, project-specific design at short notice, service production or a fully assembled valve manifold. Its experience and expertise make the company a reliable supplier of top-quality hydraulic solutions.

All of our customers expect uncompromising quality from our products and services. In order to meet these expectations, we have our quality and environmental management processes evaluated by an independent certification company at regular intervals.

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