The Hydraulik Nord Group manufactures high-quality hydraulic components for a variety of mobile applications.

Construction machinery is just one of the many areas of application of Hydraulik Nord Group cylinders. For vehicle brakes, the KMF develops and produces hydropneumatic actuating cylinder as well as special suspension and damping

Steering cylinder

More information about our cylinders can be found in mobile hydraulics mehr

Spring energy cylinder

The spring energy cylinder for controlling wet brakes can be found in mobile hydraulics. mehr

Cylinders with measurement systems

Cab suspension cylinder for optimal handling of shear forces. mehr

Hydraulic quick changer

More information about our hydraulic quick change plate mehr

Suspension cylinders

The suspension cylinders for front axles can be found in the area of mobile hydraulics. mehr

Lifting and adjustment cylinders

You will find our front and rear power lift cylinders for use in agricultural machinery and soil tillage implements in the mobile hydraulics area. mehr