The development of needs-based individual systems such as automatic testing machines, control and regulation units for machines and plants as well as HMI applications in close cooperation with customers is part of the range of services offered by the Parchim branch. In cooperation with the electrical manufacturing department, the devices can be built as single units or in small and medium series.
The focus of production is on the manufacture of mechatronic products. The assembly of precision mechanical and pneumatic devices and assemblies including parts processing for well-known customers from the plastics technology, energy technology and marine equipment sectors in small and medium series production is one of the core competencies.

In electrical manufacturing, almost the entire vertical range of manufacture can be covered, from the assembly of the printed circuit boards and the functional testing of the systems to the assembly of the complete module.

Development of

  • Measurement, control and regulation units
  • Testing devices

Manufacture and processing of

  • Milled parts
  • Enclosures
  • Mechatronic assemblies

J├╝rgen Ott

Manufactoring Coordinator - Machining Technology (Litronic, Branch Parchim)

phone+49 (0) 3871 6237 916

Marco Hagen

Manufacturing Coordinator - Electronics Production (Litronic, Branch Parchim)

phone+49 (0) 3871 6237 912

Jens Warlich

Manufactoring Coordinator - Precison Mechanics (Litronic, Branch Parchim)

phone+49 (0) 3871 6237 917

Dennis Warncke

Development Engineer (Litronic, Branch Parchim)

phone+49 (0) 3871 6237 921