Hydraulik Schwerin GmbH specializes in the efficient design, manufacture and installation of hydraulic valve manifolds in component and volume production.
The manufacture of its high-quality product portfolio is cost-efficient, with a unit weight of up to 9.5 metric tons and an edge length of up to 2,400 millimeters.
Machining complex components with more than 6 sides is not a challenge.

Block ALU

Manifold block CNC machining center

Block 27 kg

Shut-off and safty block, oil derrick
27 kg

Block 31 kg

Control block for wind tubine
31 kg

Block 1112 kg

Control block for train mill
1112 kg

Block 11957 kg

Control block forging press
11957 kg

Block 2613 kg

Control block forging press
2613 kg

Christian Simann

Head of Internal Sales (Hydraulik Schwerin)

phone+49 (0) 385 / 6425 286