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Presentation of the development of a hybrid pump control based on a digital hydraulic controller at IFK 2022

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Marvin Schell, development engineer from Andreas Lupold Hydrotechnik GmbH dealt with the development of a novel pump control based on a digital hydraulic pump controller in his publication "beyond digital". He outlined how this control combines the advantages of digital technology with those of hydraulics to enable optimized pump management. 

This digital hydraulic pump controller uses seat-type poppet valves (pulsed universal leakfree solenoid valve, or pulse), which are leakfree in principle and can be switched in a few milliseconds.  The basic controller type, can be adapted live to the system requirements via software, a change from a pressure controller to a flow or power controller is thus possible during operation. The flexibility of the system is greatly increased with these Hydraulic Pulse Controllers (HPC) and controller losses are also minimized. 

Schell's publication was aimed at engineers and technicians interested in the latest developments in hydraulic control systems. He presented the basics of digital hydraulics and explained how it can be combined with conventional hydraulics. The project is geared towards future requirements of the fluid industry and solves problems through approaches such as digitalization, increasing efficiency and flexibility, hydraulics as a programmable component, and reducing the number of variants.

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The Beyond Digital poster is now available for download. We hope you like it and find a lot of interesting information on it.

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July 2022
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